Exceptional Students

While taking into consideration the specific needs of individual children, Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay is committed to delivering safe effective transportation for Students with Special Needs. Our goal is to optimize service by using regular transportation wherever possible while utilizing the special education vehicle fleet to the highest degree.

Students come first and STSTB is part of the member-Board’s system of support services for identifying and including students with special needs into the appropriate program. The gathering of information that is required comes from Special Education coordinators and other stakeholder organizations. Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay follow official policies, procedures and authorized practices for all three Boards;

1. The Driver

  1. Must give special attention to students with disabilities.
  2. Must be firm, but gentle; be patient, but persistent; be consistent.
  3. Must see that the students are properly seated at all times.
  4. Must be sure the student, when dropped off at home or school is delivered to a responsible person, unless otherwise specified.
  5. Shall report any unusual actions in detail to the Principal or teacher immediately.
  6. Ensure that exceptional students abide by student regulations for transportation.
  7. Will be aware of students identified on bus routes with potential life-threatening illnesses.

2. The Principal

  1. Shall advise the operator of any health or behavioral problems of these students within the boundaries of the Freedoms of Information Act.
  2. Must realize that policy and procedures for school bus riding apply to the exceptional student.

3. The Parent/Guardian

  1. Ensure the student abides by all policies and procedures related to school bus transportation.
  2. Shall advise the student of the policies and procedures.
  3. Must be aware that transportation is provided from a designated to a designated stop, and that any other arrangements must be approved by STSTB or principal.

Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay is a student transportation consortium of these 3 school boards:

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