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As per the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Guide to Reopening Ontario’s Schools, there are NO RESTRICTIONS ON SCHOOL BUS SEATING CAPACITY and the use of NON-MEDICAL MASKS for all students in Grades 4 to 12 will be required on school vehicles. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 3 are encouraged but not required to wear masks on student transportation.

High touch surfaces in school vehicles will be DISINFECTED TWO TO THREE TIMES DAILY, following each of the morning, midday and afternoon runs. Note that most school buses service multiple schools and groups of students and are not sterile environments due to the number and frequency of passengers .

Masks must be worn by school bus drivers when students are on board and face shields will be provided, however eye protection must not interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle. Driver face shields are recommended while unmasked students (ie. grade 3 and under) are boarding and de-boarding or during any situation in which they may be in close contact to students not wearing a mask.

To request or make other changes to transportation for students attending: Lakehead Public Schools elementary schools, all Thunder Bay Catholic DSB schools and both CSDC Aurores Boréales Thunder Bay schools, please contact your school directly. For changes to transportation for students attend a Lakehead Public Schools secondary school call our office at 625-1660.

*** Requests for Transportation require three school days to take effect ***

You can confirm eligibility for transportation from any address by visiting the 'ELIGIBILITY' tab on the home page.

Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay is a student transportation consortium of these 3 school boards:

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