RFSQ Information

Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay (STSTB) and its member boards utilize a two stage competitor process for the acquisition of safe, effective, and efficient student transportation services.

Stage one of the process is the “Request for Supplier Qualifications” (RFSQ). Through this RFSQ process, firms and individuals are qualified to provide student transportation services in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, standards and licensing requirements.

In stage two of the process the qualified suppliers are asked to respond to a “Request for Service” (RFS) to provide student transportation services.Firms and individuals must apply and respond to a “RFSQ” to be included on the qualified supplier list of STSTB.

For further information contact;

Dave Carroll

Consortia Manager

2001-715 Hewitson St.

Thunder Bay, Ont.


(807) 625-1660