Rules of Conduct and Discipline on Buses

Safety depends heavily on student behavior while traveling on school vehicles and as such it is essential that students act responsibly. This also extends to areas of student pick up, drop off and transfer points. Student Transportation Services of Thunder Bay will abide by the policies and procedures of each individual Board as it pertains to student behavior on school buses.

1. Breaches of conduct detrimental to the safe operation of the bus or to other students riding on the bus will not be tolerated. Boards may provide or rescind transportation privileges where appropriate and , as such, this benefit is to be respected by all parties. To this end, inappropriate behavior may lead to the withdrawal of transportation services. The creation and maintenance of a safe transportation environment is a goal Students Transportation Services of Thunder Bay is committed to.

2. The driver of the bus, by law, is in charge of the safe operation of the bus, and the safety and welfare of all students.

3. Where students do not observe the rules of conduct, the bus drivers must notify the Principal or
designate of the school concerned as soon as possible after the completion of the route. The driver must
complete a Student Behavior Report and submit it to the principal.

4. All transported students are accountable to the school Principal who has the authority to ensure that an appropriate level of conduct and discipline is maintained for all riders while traveling on a school bus that is under contract to the Boards.  The principal or designate shall determine, in consultation with the driver, the circumstances surrounding a reported breach of conduct by a student on a school bus.  The principal will initiate a discussion with the drivers to form a basis for behavior of students while riding the school bus. The Principal or designate shall determine the form and extent of discipline.

5. If it is determined that the student’s bus riding privileges are to be suspended, the principal or designate shall advise in writing the student, the student’s parents, the bus operator, and STSTB, before such suspension comes into effect.

6. In the interest of safety and in an effort to reduce student discipline problems and vandalism on school buses, video camera surveillance systems have been placed on school buses under contract to the Boards.

7. Should an incident occur involving students(s) from different Boards, it would be the responsibility of
each Principal or designate to determine the form and extent of discipline for the student(s) attending
their school. The Principal or designate shall determine the circumstances of the breach of conduct in
consultation with the Principal or designate of the other Board and the bus driver.