Bus Operators' Instructions

1. The Operator shall ensure:
1.1 that services are provided in a safe and efficient manner;
1.2 that proof of insurance for each licensed motor vehicle is provided to STSTB in accordance
with the Ontario Public Vehicles Act;
1.3 that copies of mechanical fitness inspection certificates required by the Acts and Regulations
are available upon request;
1.4 that all bus drivers familiarize themselves with the First Aid Manual in the First Aid Kit;
1.5 that if a vehicle under contract is involved in an accident while transporting pupils,  STSTB is
notified as soon as possible, and follow up with a written accident report;
1.6 that each driver has driven their assigned routes prior to the first day of the school year;
1.7 that each vehicle is equipped to meet requirements as outlined in all relevant Federal and
Provincial Statutes and Regulations;
1.8 that each vehicle is operated in such a manner as to comply with all relevant Federal and
Provincial Statutes and Regulations;
1.9 that each vehicle displays a current brake inspection sticker and bus safety inspection sticker as
required by the Highway Traffic Act;
1.10 that each vehicle has a log book that is completed daily, according to Ontario Regulation of the
Highway Traffic Act;
1.11 that no person is employed to drive a vehicle unless said person meets all licensing requirements
as set by Provincial Statutes and Regulations;
1.12 that the drivers enforce the standards of discipline for students as set forth under current Board’s
Policies, Regulations and Procedures;
1.13 that each bus is in good working order and maintained in a clean manner both inside and out;
1.14 that drivers have a good moral character and are skilled in the management of students;
1.15 that each bus is provided with a waste receptacle attached at the front or back of the bus;
1.16 that drivers are trained in the use of an Epi Pen and Emergency First Aid;
1.17 that drivers are trained in the use and submission of the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form of Bill 157 - Keeping Our Kids Safe at School;

2. Buses not on Schedule
If for any reason a school vehicle will be more than 15 minutes late en route to school, the operator will ensure that it is reported on the STSTB Mapnet website under 'Route Delays'.  If for any reason a school vehicle will be late for afternoon dismissal, the operator will ensure that the Principals of the schools are notified.